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Cross Chain Transfer

This guide provides instructions on conducting a cross-chain transfer on the Camino Network using the Camino Wallet. To better understand the various chains and their functions, please consult the Camino Network Overview document.

Steps for Cross-Chain Transfer

  1. Click on "Cross Chain" in the navigation bar of the Camino Wallet.
  2. Select "X" as the Source Chain and "C" as the Destination Chain.
  3. Enter the desired amount in the Transfer Amount field and click "Confirm".
Fig.1: Fill in the form and confirm
  • Finally, click "Transfer" to initiate the cross-chain transfer:
Fig.2: Click Transfer

If you wish to view detailed information about your balance on different chains, you can click the "Show Breakdown" button located on the right-hand side of the balance display.

  • Transfer is successful:
Fig.3: Transfer is successful