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Reasons for Validator Pending

In Camino Network, validators have a staking timeframe, which includes a start and end date that are provided when adding a validator to the network. The start date must be at least 20 seconds into the future, but can be any date desired by the validator owner.

If the start date for a validator has not yet been reached, it will remain in the pending validators list. This is the only reason a validator may be in a pending state.

If you wish to learn how to query the network for pending validators, please refer to this document.


It's important to note that nodes that are pending validators have completed the registration process but have not yet reached the specified start time that was set during registration. Once the start time is reached, the node will be activated as a validator on the blockchain.

Setting up a Validator in Wallet
  • When adding a validator through your wallet, you won't be required to specify a start time. The wallet automatically assumes that you want to add the validator immediately and sets the start time to be +5 minutes in the future.

  • After submitting your transaction, you will receive a message as below. This can take some time to finish. Wallet is checking if the transaction is committed.