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Reasons for Validator Suspension

Until the DAO voting implementation, the Camino Network has a mechanism to suspend validators to prevent network unavailability due to bad actors or poorly configured nodes. The following are the reasons why a validator may be suspended.

Losing Consortium Membership

To run a validator node on Camino Network, one must be a consortium member. A validator will be suspended if its owner loses membership.

Network Availability

Validators must be online and responsive to ensure a healthy network. To earn staking rewards, validators must have at least 80% uptime.

When a validator's availability is not healthy and has frequent interruptions, the network is affected. The reasons for this may include:

  • Firewall and networking issues
  • Low uptime due to power or system failures
  • Undersized hardware or slow performance
  • Failure to update Camino Node software

If any of the above reasons causes a validator to have subpar availability, it may be suspended.

Network Integrity

A validator may be suspended if it risks the network's integrity. This may happen if the node generates different results than the other validators excessively or if a bad actor tries to manipulate the network.